My creative work is a mirror of the dark forest

Creativity is a force of its own. It can start with visions, or with voices from creatures, aliens or ghosts. Or the creative process begins with a feeling of sparkling curiosity, with something I ”just need to get closer to.” This “something” can be a color, a feeling, a material, or pretty much anything that starts my subconscious to work itself into a frenzy.

Creativity is also a lot of work. Most of the time it is great fun, but no less – it is work. To be able to make jewelery, sculptures and the other creations I need many dedicated hours of loneliness, and a lot of focus and just getting things done – like any other work.

But the way of getting there often has its peculiar ways. I rarely intellectually choose materials, designs or an exact path of creating in my jewelery design. The ideas come during night time dreams, in spiritual journeys, or as silent whispers. This gives me hints and even instructions of what I need to do, about designs, what materials to use and what feeling to try to express.

In a larger perspective my work gets its general inspiration from the deep dark forests. You could call it a kind of core inspiration. Everything I do has some connection to old, dark forests and its inhabitants. It might not always be easy to understand for myself, as well as for for others, but the idea of dark forests keeps it all together for me.

Creativity and spirituality can definitely work the other way around as well. When I find myself obsessed with a particular material or mindset, when I find myself drawn to something new, I choose to see it as a hint about where I stand at this point in the physical world. And I raise the question What is now happening to me? The creative work is a mirror of my subconscious.

For example, I’ve had long periods of time when I’ve been obsessed with moss, and I have worked with moss for several years. I’ve been taking photos of it, sleeping in it and of course finding many different ways of using it in jewelery. This obsession has been necessary for me as a person and as an artist. Because I have needed the calm, prehistoric, ancient, primitive and silently life full energies that the moss stands for, symbolically and physically.
This obsession began when I had a time in my life when I was longing for all these features. My life was chaotic, stressful and completely filled with city-life and office work. At this point in my life, I would have called an apple wildlife. So the moss was the first light in the tunnel out and away from this situation.
So I have a lot to thank moss for!

Working with moss creatively healed my soul and got me deeper into the symbolic meaning of this specific need.
Using the ”obsessions” or inspirations that I get as an indicator for where I am in my life is really useful and help me grow as a person. This, of course, means that I have to put a lot of effort and personal struggle into my work. I cannot simply just scan the web to see what is trendy at the moment and then get started with a new design.

My work starts in the deep dark forest, either in my mind, or in a physical forest. And what comes out as is ideas and materials that I just can’t leave behind, and have to manifest as jewelry. I can just hope that other people will appreciate and find my products interesting and appealing.

But I’ve learned that if I personally need, for example, moss really badly in my life, there is a big chance that other people do too! Sometimes they don’t even know it yet. But it is really comforting to notice that.

When I’ve worked with moss for a while it healed me, changed me, became a natural part of me. After a while I started to feel another material, another feeling, screaming from some distant dimension. When the shouts became more and more clear I found something new that I find really exciting. The moss is still there though, silently present and always easy to get back to whenever I need or want to. We now know each other in a closer way now. This knowledge gives me a companion.

I guess I can say that curiosity, dreams and glimpses are my guiding principles, my guiding stars. If I follow them I can know for sure that interesting thing occur.  At the moment I am very into antlers and bones. Solid, hard materials, that are used for protection and tells stories about death - the ultimate transformation. These materials transports me beyond the ordinary world.

Creativity is a huge work. I work intellectually, aesthetically and intuitively at the same time. It needs to take the time that it takes. Creativity demands and gives. When I enter my studio I often get the feeling of ”it is really here that I belong, this is what I’m created to do”.