The ugliness of beauty

Making jewellery is of course about making the world a bit more beautiful, interesting  and eccentric.
But behind the scenes it is another story. It might look like chaos.

Making pretty, or at least interesting stuff isn't always pretty.
It is not just cozy and suitable for a picture in a fancy lifestyle magazine. At least not for me.

My creative work demands a lot of stuff. So my studio is heavily crowded with materials and tools most of the time. My hands are often covered in glue and paint. I could never have long nails!
I often get sweaty and tired during long hours in my studio. So the process of making stuff is really not that fancy, no matter how fun it is.

My apartment is partly a storage for things that I use at fairs and markets. I keep all the stuff in the living room… It is the only way that works at the moment. And I am really happy about doing what I do.

These pictures are from last weekend. I used some great tools at a friends garage. It was awesome for grinding, drilling and polishing bone and antlers. A work that otherwise end up in a total catastrophe at an apartment. The neighbors don't seem to like power tools working for many hours… And the dust is just a very sad story. Lets not talk about it.

Although the safety equipment makes me look rather serious. I like that.