The magic of wearing jewelery

It could be said that jewelry is just superficial stuff. I make jewelry, wear them, think of them, dream about them, sell them.

A lot in my life is centered around something that easily can be judged as very superficial, unnecessary and un-called for.


Maybe that is the truth. Of course, you cannot eat them and they won’t give you shelter.

But they provide something else. In this world, maybe more superficial and self-centered that ever before your appearance doesn’t only show who you would like to be, it also can set an aura to your day, an atmosphere.

I choose jewellery based upon how I feel or with the intention of getting closer to a certain feeling. I choose jewelry with the purpose of achieving something.

To wear jewelry can actually be a very conscious magical act.

I have days when I feel low, very introvert and really would prefer not to meet anyone at all, but I still might have to do that. Then my recipe for a success in these situations is to wear at least four different necklaces, huge earrings and countless amounts of bracelets. Different figures and symbols helps me and protects me in my everyday struggle of life.

Some days I am my own walking altar.

And it works.


It is possibly to get into different feelings and mindsets with the help from jewelry. It is a very powerful trick that I truly recommend.

Wearing jewelry for me is only partly for enhancing beauty. It is so much more about making an expression stronger or to manifest a wish. It is a way of making your wish visible to the world, to the universe. To wear a certain piece of jewelry can lift a whole day – and beyond.


The weight of my necklace and the feeling of their presence protects me. I feel stronger, get more courage and I manage to do what I’ve decided to do.

And that work I don’t think is superficial.