Soy candles and their awesomeness

Even if the spring is getting more real and vibrant every day now I still like the dark, cosy evenings. And I always light candles then.

To light a candle for a ceremony, a meditation or just for letting a moment feel a bit more sacred and special is something that is really important to me. I do it every day, all year around.

With this said I started to make experiments with making my own candles.

For this purpose I have found myself to prefer using soy wax. And I get a lot of questions why soy wax.

Many cheap candles are made of parafinn wax. I think these candles sometimes have an unpleasant smell to them. Parafinn wax is a rest product from the oil industry, so in ceremonial work that does not always feels right using it. So then I started to try other kinds of waxes. Soy wax is more expensive than parafin wax. But since I use my soy wax candles as ”luxury candles” it is not a big deal. And it is worth it. They burn for a longer period of time.

I usually have my candle lit for like two to four hours and it continues to smell a couple of hours after the candle is out. So soy candles are not only more environmental friendly, they last longer too.
The glass containers are easy to re-use. With some hot water and soap or washing up liquid the glass cup can be used over and over again. I think that is awesome.

The oils that I use are organic essential oils. An essential oil often has a more calm and not invasive scent like artificial oils. I really like this.

So far I've made three different variations.

frankincense, patchouli, vanilla

Forest spirit
pine, bergamot

Cosmic Goddess
orange, vanilla, patchouli